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7PM- 4AM
18+ ONLY
Due to an overwhelming demand from the public, we have opened our spectacular Christmas party to everyone for one final, fantastical night - The Imaginarium Closing Party.
This December, you are cordially invited to a celebration in the world's greatest city, set in the middle of a wondrous theatre production. Brought to you by the acclaimed Petersham Playhouse; Secret Productions, who brought you Wilderness Festival and co-organisers of The Secret Garden Party (2007 - 2013); and Village Underground, London’s hottest performing arts venue.
Enter a place where your imagination plays director, your closest friends the stage's stars, and your wildest dreams fashion the opening scenes.
Inspired by the film ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, guests will be taken on a journey into parallel universes that will explore their imaginations; from a tropical rooftop jungle to a lavish Belle Époque brothel featuring Toulouse Lautrec and Claude Debussy on the piano. It is a place where past, present and future dance together as one. Expect to encounter strange and bizarre characters along the way – from trapeze artists to sword fighters, can-can dancers to astronauts. Be prepared for anything and anyone. Meanwhile stagehands siphon off small groups to step into parallel universes, which echo the chaos of the collective psyche. Trip the light fantastic with the roller girls at the disco riot and sip on delectable drinks at the bar whilst you party on until the early hours with our special guest DJs before you are sent off into the night, reborn… 
'The Imaginarium' is not a conventional party. The more you participate, the greater your award will be. 
Step inside The Imaginarium this December 20th.
>This event involves haze effects and flashing lights. 
>There may be some areas of darkness and confined space. 
>This event involved promenade performance. 
>Guests may be asked to wear a blindfold or mask for a short duration and may be lead up and down stairways. Comfortable footwear is recommended (but not essential). 
>You must let us know if you or any members in your party suffer from claustrophobia, a heart condition or have any accessibility requirements. This includes difficulty in going up and down steps. Please give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can provide you with further information. 
7PM- 4AM

The Imaginarium