Andy C, Loadstar, Delta Heavy, Calyx & Teebee

8PM- 2AM
16+/ U18 (Special U-18 showcase)
In the world of electronic music, there are few bigger names than that of Andy C. Regarded as one of the greatest DJs ever to touch a turntable, the Ram Records founder has relentlessly dedicated almost two decades of his life to the music he loves, flying across the globe week in, week out to demonstrate a mastery of craft that has earnt him a status as one of the most iconic and important figures in global dance music culture.
Made up of Xample and Lomax, Loadstar have infused their individual styles to create a pioneering sound that smashes club dance floors and festival arenas with incredible energy and impeccable musical precision. Their debut album ‘Future Perfect’ drops on Ram on 5th May!
Battering down the doors of the genre elitists come a pair of producers plucked from the ranks of Ram’s new generation of incredible music making talents. Delta Heavy are two guys who won’t be disappearing from your wave lengths any time soon. 
To drum & bass fans the world over the names Calyx and TeeBee are synonymous with high quality, perfectly sculpted music. Their music has had an impact on the scene for over fifteen years & after the huge success of their album All or Nothing in November 2012 they are stronger than ever.
With MC's GQ, Majestic, Ad-Apt 
8PM- 2AM